LENNOX MUSIC is an independent music publishing business based in Australia. The musician roster currently includes the creative efforts of many band members and musicians. Lennox Music is looking to expand its catalogue with new and emerging musicians in Australia and internationally. Agreements are available for publishing of music and audio in mp3 form on this site in the Music Catalogue. See the Publishing link and contact Lennox Music for more details.

Lennox Music encompasses the work of many musicians that have independently released music over the last 30 years. The Music Catalogue currently lists around 60 releases of original music available in mp3 form. For a donation, these Eps and albums can be downloaded for use with any mp3 player. While this site is still under development, more music is coming on-line monthly. It is the aim of Lennox Music to ensure that royalties collected for these musicians are distributed back to the musicians. See the Musicians link for more information plus videos of the bands and musicians involved. Private music tuition is also available, see the Tuition link for details.

To read the instructions for downloading and listening to music on your phone click here

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