Goodreamsagain Oct 2012 – present:

Back at the beginning of time, circa 1990-91, Rob was involved with a group with a similar name, that lifted its name from a spoken sample in some old schlock sci-fi movie. It was an experimental collective, born under the wing of 4-ZZZ FM production, deriving taped rhythm loops, samples and industrial noise from a variety of sources including; the 4-ZZZ sound effects library, the television, dodgy sixties music and VHS tapes of B-grade movies.

In earnest, the group of teenagers recruited a couple of other main characters incorporating drums, bass guitar, lead guitar and vocals and in August 1991 played one gig as a live-to-air on 4-ZZZ FM. After the live set they produced several hours of archived experimental noise and mayhem, some of which, despite the name, was actually pretty good.

Today, Goodreamsagain is a retrospective attempt to clear the name of these pieces and re-work / re-mix some of its finer moments. The one man project kicked off in 2012 with a re-release of 'Audioworx' which was a tentative step into this semi-recharted territory. 2014 saw Goodreamsagain coalesce with the release of 'Preservative Free' which follows a similar path of re-working older ideas, but with a purely digital slant, which enhances some of the what was lo-fi techniques used previously, while transforming them into something more modern to enjoy. The album was launched at Ric's Cafe Bar in Brisbane in January 2015.

2015 has seen Rob release an album featuring Alister Bartholemew 'GDA Ideas' and with a huge creative surge, another double album 'More GDA Ideas.' A further long player came out in December 'Produktion' incorporating some YouTube videos for a couple of the singles. 2016 sees the release of another full length album 'Metriclock' in November.

Rob Lennox Acoustic Performances Jul 2011 – present:

Rob Lennox live video on Facebook

Rob Lennox has a full hour set of original songs he sings and plays on acoustic guitar, as well as a wide range of cover versions to draw on. His songs are relaxing and uplifting. With many influences, Rob taught himself guitar as a teenager, learning blues standards. The lyrics of the originals are about love, society and life. With aspirations to start a full band behind these tunes, he is happy to play them in a busking role, or as a background to a casual bar / dining venue. He has played live gigs in Mooloolaba, Cotton Tree, The Sol Bar and also supported Joe Camilleri alongside Al Bartholemew at the Noosa Villa.

The Benevolents Jan 2008 – Dec 2009:

Benevolents Video on Facebook

Comprising of four Caloundra players, The Benevolents were a dub infused reggae live act including Carl Trocki on vocals, Leigh Morrow on lead guitar, Nikko Fumiere on bass guitar and Rob Lennox on drums. Through their style they emulated the best of the California's Sublime along with original material. Played gigs in Caloundra including King's Beach Tavern and also at the Coolum Tavern.

TAIYO Aug 1998 – Sep 2001:

Taiyo began as a concept for Robert's solo act and a way of releasing more keyboard/sample/sequenced based electronic music. After over a year of constant song writing, recording and sampling and working closely with Shannon, in 1998 Taiyo performed at The Chelsea and the 4-ZZZ Market Day. In November 1998 Robert and Shannon recorded an 11 song CD for demonstration purposes.

The live element was developed in 1999 with addition of Andrew on drums and Brendan Peek on bass guitar and Taiyo played shows at the Orient, the Alliance and in May 1999 Taiyo organized a CD launch called "Encryption" at La Discotheque that drew a crowd of over 200 people. June 1999 saw Taiyo playing shows at Ric's and The Zoo with the Miranda album reaching No 2 in the 4-ZZZ top five. After playing at the new year's Dragonflight festival to see in the new millennium Taiyo continued with another large crowd (over 350) at the Zoo in February 2000. With a string of gigs at Ric's, the Pot Music Bar Taiyo's new E.P. reached No 1 in the 4-ZZZ top five.

With the addition of Michael Cheng on keyboards and bass guitar and Anna Petrie on vocals in 2000, Taiyo headlined the 4-ZZZ Market Day in Davies Park West End. After playing shows in Brighton and London in the U.K., a full-length album began in recording sessions. Taiyo collaborated with MegL in 2002 to release a Demo EP in 2003. 2005 saw Rob record and produce ranges in style from drum n bass to rhymes over beats that are still under construction. Taiyo's live events have included local support acts, video projection visuals and special lighting and local and international DJs.

SQUELCH Sep 1991 – Mar 1998:

In 1992 a Bris- band called Squelch released a cassette of songs called "Towards The Sun". Squelch was formed from three members of Goodreams Again (Robert Lennox, Andrew Peake and Joshua Thompson) with the addition of Shannon Jessop (bass guitar) and Lana Gishkariany (guitar and vocals). Beginning with an 8-track recording of a cover of "It's a Long Way to the Top" for 4-ZZZs Rocktobanana competition, Squelch went on to engineer and record an 8 song E.P. "Towards the Sun" released and distributed independently in cassette form.

This reached the top five in Rockinghorse and a song from it was no. 21 in the 1992 4-ZZZ Hot 100. 1992 saw Squelch play live shows at many Brisbane venues including: Berties Tavern, Metropolis, The Treasury, The Orient, The Shamrock, 4-ZZZ Market Day and the LIVID Festival. Squelch recorded 7 songs in World Record Studios (24-track ADAT) with Braddon Gilbert. In 1993, Squelch released another cassette E.P. which received shining reviews in local press and supported such acts as Def FX and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Squelch was also one of the first acts to play at the newly opened Zoo.

After touring Tokyo city and Japan in 1995 and an extended break, Squelch swung back into action in 1996 with the release of a full length C.D. album which reached the top five in Rockinghorse. This album was financed and distributed independently and included the songs recorded at World Record and new tracks recorded with Kraig Wilson of Dogmachine. Squelch organized the CD launch at the Lands Office hotel that drew a crowd of over 200 people.

In 1997 Squelch played live shows at many venues and many special events such as: The Chelsea, The Zoo, Electric Herring at The Roxy and 4-ZZZ Market Day. Squelch also toured Melbourne and played two successful shows in Prahan and Geelong. In September Squelch recorded another full-length album, comprising of some 13 songs that was produced with James Clark of the Blood Party.

1998 saw Squelch play at several venues including: The Chelsea, The Prince Consort and at the Qmusic Rocket event in Albert Park. In early 1999 Squelch released a single/E.P. with two tracks from the sessions and remixes by Andy Bagely of Pure Bunk and Mirko Vogel of Sekiden. This release went straight to No. 1 on the 4-ZZZ top five and remained in the charts for over a month.